On Sunday, April 24, 2016, H.E. Bishop Bawai Soro celebrated Holy Mass at our Parish accompanied by our Pastor Fr. Awraha Mansoor. Our beloved Bishop Soro was as happy to be with us as we were to receive him once again. He began his inspiring sermon by reminding us how blessed we are to have great Pastors like Fr. Awraha Mansoor and Fr. Peter Georgis who have been serving our local parishes for the last few years as well as all the faithful of our Diocese.

In his sermon about the Gospel reading for The Fifth Sunday of The Resurrection Bishop Soro focused on the true meaning of “Resurrection” saying “now God is available” for each and every one of us to call upon Him every time we sin as long as we repent with “contrite heart”; God will forgive, help, and guide us in our lives. He also explained how the Church is “The Place of Conversion” and that during Mass as we pray we ought to ask God to forgive and rid us of all sin. As always he reminded us that we ought to love and forgive one another in order to be Christ-like. His Excellency concluded his sermon by delivering best wishes, love, and regards of our, Beloved Bishop, H.E. Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo.

At the end of the Mass SMYLE JR. Kids Ministry gave Bishop Soro beautiful flowers as token of their love and appreciation for him and he truly appreciated and thanked them all; they gathered around him as children do around their father. Bishop Soro spent time talking to them and gave them his blessings.

Later on Bishop Soro joined our congregation at the Parish Hall to have a meal together as we celebrated the memorial of St. George that was prepared by Daughters of Mary Ministry. He then had more time to meet and visit with us and offered prayers and blessings to many.

Last Sunday was indeed a very special day for us at St. Matthew Parish. We, as always, keep our pastors and Bishops in our prayers and we ask our Lord to keep them all in His care. We look forward for next visit by Bishop Soro to our Parish.

Your Excellency, we thank you for your visit and for keeping us always in your prayers. God Bless you.

Summary and Photos by: St. Matthew Catholic Church Media Team